06-25-15 – Making Memories

Making Memories

1 Thessalonians 3:6 (CEV) – Timothy has come back from his visit with you and has told us about your faith and love. He also said that you always have happy memories of us and that you want to see us as much as we want to see you.


Our Spiritual Life is most important. We should Love everyone and share God’s Love with everyone. There is eternal life and we can make a lasting difference by helping some one receive Jesus.

When we are with Christians all of the time, sharing our Faith and the gospel can be rudimentary. Our time on Earth aside from seeking the lost, is making memories.

Making memories is what we do everyday with everyone we meet. Examples:

1) “I met this lady at the pool. She was so nice. She told me about this and that and really cared.”

2) “I met this man in line to check out. He was such a jerk. He would not stop complaining. He made fun of everybody we could see.”

As Christians, our legacy should be one of loving kindness towards all people (Mark 12:31). When this life we live in the body ends, memories of us are all people will have. How will people remember us?

Treasure every moment you spend with family and friends. Seize the opportunity to make lasting memories that have a positive impact in the lives of others.


Remember to live not for pleasing men; rather live to please God.

Psalm 25:7 (KJV) – Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: according to thy mercy remember thou me for thy goodness’ sake, O Lord.


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